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Custom 3D Printed ASL Hand Models

Bringing ASL to life with our 3D printed hand models

ASL "I Love You" Hand

Show off your ASL love today with our 3D printed ASL "I Love You" hand sign.

Custom ASL Names

Order your own custom made ASL alphabet name today!
Pick from over 25 different colors!

Our Journey

When we found out our daughter was deaf we decided to learn ASL and teach it to her so we would always be able to communicate with her.

When she was 6 months old we joined a 2 yr Deaf Mentor Program through Lifetrack that Minnesota Hands & Voices introduced us to. That is where we met our good friend Jessi. Jessi was our Deaf mentor that taught us ASL, about the Deaf Culture, and about the Deaf Community.

For our daughter’s 1st birthday her dad 3D printed ASL hands for her to help as a learning tool. I thought it was such a great idea and thought these could be a great learning tool for other kids or adults learning ASL. That is how Talking Hands 3D came to be.

Girl signing letter "F"

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